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I’m Gian Piero Gigli.

Advisor from 2009 for FCA, IVECO, CSI Piemonte, Intesa Sanpaolo, NTT Data and Oracle with multifaceted roles:  IT Architect, Research and Innovation Lead, Training, Speaker, Augmented Reality Expert,

Every month, I publish video about my Augmented Reality App, here on Linkedin


Speaker about Augmented Reality for SuperTennis TV (Sky Channel 224 ) as Augmented Reality Expert .

I’m making an AR App based on Visual Training for Tennis.

Here a video:

Realtà Aumentata – Portfolio

I made more than 50 AR Applications for iPhone/iPad and android devices in the following fields:  Big Data, AI , Retail, Marketing, Learning, IoT ( for Industry 4.0 ), Art, Events, 3D Configurators, Education, Automotive,Advertising, Fashion, Art and other.

Portfolio – all my AR Apps, here the link

Portfolio 2017 

My AR Applications that I made in 2017 about:Industry 4.0, Big Data, Automotive, Advertising, Internet of Things, Publishing, 3D Simulations, Art, Fashion, Education:

  1. AR + Food Art:
  2. Augmented Museum:
  3. Augmented 3D Painting:
  4. AR + Basic AI:
  5. AR 3D Shirt Configurator:
  6. Augmented Reality for Tennis:
  7. AR for Artistic Installation:
  8. Augmented Choreography
  9. Augmented Reality + Internet of Things for Industry 4.0:
  10. Augmented Reality Cartoon:
  11. AR 3D Car Configurator:
  12. Augmented Reality Manual:
  13. Augmented Reality Underwater Portal:
  14. Augmented Reality for Fashion Show:
  15. Augmented Reality for Big Data 3D Visualization:
  16. Augmented Learning:
  17. Augmented Reality for Action Simulations – for soccer:


I’m in Lecce, Turin,  Milan

Phone +39 329 4218171

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